ActivistAristA Bay Gates Project
is a curated outdoor exhibition
located at
The Boynton Beach Art District
410-422 West Industrial Avenue, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426


Looking Back at GOLDEN Fest's Fifth Year Celebration

Today in the “I Support Street Art”  Rolando Chang Barrero’s ActivistArtistA Gallery gets Featured for Outdoor Gallery Exhibition during his annual Golden Celebration at 
The Boynton Beach Art District
Live painting, live music and much more were enjoyed by hundreds at this year’s GOLDEN Fest at the Boynton Beach Arts District. The outdoor exhibit titled “Portraits #ShadesofCulture Murals, hosted by Rolando Chang Barrero‘s ActivistArtistA, showcased eleven new murals for this year’s event while three musicians performed.
Art lovers from all over Florida gathered for the good vibes and better food, capturing photos of the artists adding their finishing touches to their mural. The theme this year was iconic figures in art– from painters such as Salvador Dali and Harlem Renaissance sculptor Augusta Savage, and authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Georgia O’Keeffe. –Vivid Arts
Coming up this Week!
Saturday, October 22, 2016 | 6-10 PM
The BBAD Art Walk